Halloween is around the corner, and most of us are prepared to be sexy something’s. Whether we have our angel wings or elf ears or even our monstrous makeup with fangs ready to bite we know we look badass and.

But why have it for only the night? These sexy playful outrageous costumes are actually multi-faceted. Why bunch them up in a drawer or leave them in the forgotten abyss when they can be a part of an adventurous roleplay session. 

What is roleplay? Roleplay is an opportunity to immerse yourself in a role and become anyone you want. 

This game of imagination is an exciting way to spice up your sex life and encourage creativity. Want to take it up a notch?… You guessed it. 

Bring out that Halloween costume and get into full character, from the voice to the mannerisms, all the way down to the costume. 

Ways To Dive Into Roleplay

Create a storyline! Unless you and your partner are improv masters, taking a moment to outline a story can help alleviate the pressure to come up with something entirely on the spot.

This can be a very intimate moment to build out your wildest fantasies together. Take a piece of paper and something to write with and your favorite toys/props to set the scene using who, what, when, where, and how.

  1. WHO: Create the characters. Who are you dressed up as? Do they have a name? What are their pronouns? Are they into a specific kink? Use words to describe your role, consider your costume for inspiration. 
  1. WHAT: What are these character’s up to? What will they be doing leading up to that steamy moment? Give your characters a role to play! Are they across the room from one another locking eyes? 
  1. WHEN: When is this all taking place? Use your imagination! This can be incredibly fun if your costumes are set in a time period. Maybe it’s the year 3000 and you’re in for a celestial night in the stars. 
  1. WHERE: Roleplaying can start before the bedroom! Have a Halloween party to attend? Start the games there and let the tricks turn into treats. Encapsulate yourself in the environment, perhaps you and your partners are “strangers” who sneak away into the night for a naughty quickie. 
  1. HOW: This is the really fun part. How. This is a chance to start dirty talking and getting intimate. Share with your partner how you want to be touched by describing all the wicked ways you want to be loved on.

Remember to have fun

The possibilities are endless with the use of creativity. Our Halloween costumes can be a fun and exciting addition to the way we spice up our play. Remember pleasure is all about the journey. Even though this is roleplaying you don’t have to put on a performance, it’s okay to break character and laugh in between. Let your imagination run wild and bewitch your partner(s) with an experience they’ll never forget! 

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